The Home Page of the Soon-to-be Affeercianado Guild

Benefits of being an affeercianado

Free dormitory living    1 land credit per hour worked

24 hour buffet    Free medical coverage   Camaraderie

Free education   Luxury dorm amenities   Political power

Serve the people    Save the world

Huge payout in 20 years based on land credits earned!

Everything we want to achieve can be realized through an exponential increase in the value of the land owned by the trust. This is done through the creation of a new social class; a landlord – working class called the affeercianados. Although administered by the trust, in the beginning, 50% of the land is owned by the investors and 50% is stipulated to be owned by the workers (affeercianados).

T he workers live collectively with subsistence around $200/week. The remaining value of their labor increases land value directly by the law of rent, and indirectly through the purchase of public goods and infrastructure. Money is also used to purchase new land. 3,000 workers can increase land value by as much as $80 million per year.

To become acquanted with the entire Affeercianado business plan, Download Volume II - The Plan

Currently skills needed are software programming, website design, political/economic theory and law. If interested in possibly becoming one of the first affeercianados, email us at